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Real solutions for training, accreditations, and certifications of workers and supervisor in the industry of construction.
In todays world of a specialized and competitive business, the federal government is starting to regulate the activities of professionalism of construction. Now a days it is very important and in many cases mandatory to have certifications and credentials in the job fields and to have the ability to be contracted in the work of construction, maintaining and demolition. The very important areas are: Asbestos abatement, OSHA, Lead abatement , Hazwoper, and the proper use of respirators. In these areas, we have all our training courses approved by the federal and state government. For questions of quality, price, and availability, we are your best option. We invite you to get to know us. Your friends from OSEE, 2000 Clearview Ave. Suite #117 Atlanta, GA 30340 (404) 732-6327

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